Consultants identify opportunities and aim to design option scenarios. The Client Decides.

The sole purpose of our services, as we conceived them, is to make available to our clients the knowledge our consultant teams have mustered over time, allowing us to create value together, by meeting deadlines and assuring outstanding levels of quality, in that sense reverted by high levels of client satisfaction. 


WISE Consulting supports your company in its quest to successfully evolve, by enabling it to acquire the necessary efficiency to compete and overcome the ever so difficult scenarios it has to face against, in the process contributing to the growth of the economy and overall improvement of the society, in a continuum perspective.




Therefore, Environment, quality, health and safety of people above all and social responsibility towards us all, are principles that are part of the objectives we set out to achieve. Those are:

  • Assure Client satisfaction
  • Invest in our consultant team training and skills growth.
  • Be an added value part of the economy and financial activity
  • Reward shareholders
  • Assure that laws, regulation and best practices that encompass each economic activity are complied with
  • Preserve the environment by a rational usage of resources, recycling and avoiding unnecessary pollution
  • Assure the existence of all the right measures to protect the worker and prevent work related illness and accidents.
  • Help the build up of moral and ethic entrepreneur conscience that promotes and protects confidential information, communicational transparency, conflict resolution, reporting of transgressions and respect for basic human rights

We believe we are:


Together, creating value.


The current economic crisis is much more complicated than the previous, mainly due to the unfavorable international environment. Since to ensure their future it is vital that Organizations adapt and rise above the situation, WISE Consulting delivers a system of solutions, based on instruments of consolidation and financing designed to provide help.
In the present turmoil, Angola is a compelling opportunity. WISE Consulting, either directly or through its Associate Office in Luanda, has the necessary skills and knowledge to help your organization navigate the Angolan market - opportunities and potential partnerships - and to actively collaborate in internationalization and market expansion.
Assessment and evaluation of an organization and / or business, presently a cornerstone management tool - for finance clearance, private equity operations, tax and legal obligations, etc. WISE Consulting has a targeted and elaborated expertise, which derives from an enhanced knowledge and technology, needed to provide timely support for our costumers.
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Mundiarroz, a multinational company part of Ebro Puleva Group, which produces and markets "Cigala" rice, just implemented and certified its Integrated Management System for Food Safety and Quality in 2009, with WISE Consulting as a consulting partner. We share with pride and satisfaction the success achieved in supporting clients in an area of intervention that we truly value. Wise Consulting, Creating Value Together.
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